Any loosening of President Islam Karimov’s hold on Uzbekistan society could open the door to radical Islam (photo:dpa)

A landslide victory but the question of succession in Uzbekistan becomes more urgent

A significant number of factors are placing Uzbekistan, governed by one of the world’s most repressive and authoritarian regimes, centre stage in a potential rebalancing of the security dynamic of Central Asia. The recent presidential elections placed the 77-year-old autocratic leader, Islam Karimov, back at the helm of Uzbekistan - but the question of succession needs to be urgently addressed otherwise suppressed and deep-rooted problems in the nation’s society could resurface.

THE PRESIDENTIAL elections in Uzbekistan went largely unnoticed to international observers. The reason was not the insignificance of developments in the most populous country of Central Asia, but the predictab...

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 Eka Tkeshelashvili
Washington is taking cautious stance on human rights issues and internal political issues while increasing its presence in Uzbekistan through increasing partnerships in security and economic areas. The US is clear in its message that it does not intend to meddle in the internal politics of Uzbekistan but will continue to do business with any new leader on issues of common interests
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