About us

GIS was founded in 2011 by H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein to provide business leaders, senior managers and policymakers with genuine and relevant, scenario-based geopolitical forecasts to inform their strategic decision-making.

Our reports are based on the sustained background knowledge of our experts and not on quantitative research and open sources information. This allows GIS to provide scenarios of future developments and their consequences -intended or unintended – for our customers. The purpose is to provide not only information but also basis for decisions.

Our unique global network of experts includes former government ministers, advisors, high ranking civil servants including military, economists and leading scientists.

GIS reports provide insight into the geopolitical trends that are critical for decision-makers to understand. Typically, these are written by experts based in the region concerned who are able to provide the latest on the ground intelligence. Focusing on politics, defense, energy and economics, they are published daily in English.

All reports forecast possible scenarios for the future and their implications. Not influenced by popular opinion and sometimes bold and counterintuitive, these informed predictions are often stunningly accurate.

We are publishing comments providing an informed viewpoint on crucial geopolitical issues, challenging and always thought-provoking, these brief commentaries take a stance that stimulate debate.

GIS is not affiliated with any government, corporate or media agency. This allows us to offer uniquely independent and impartial analysis. The service is located in Liechtenstein which guarantees wide neutrality and helps to remain impartial.

Reports can be purchased individually or in a range of packages. They are immediately accessible to be read on any device.

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