Dr. Alberto Mingardi

GIS expert Alberto Mingardi is director general of the Italian free-market think tank, Istituto Bruno Leoni. He is also associate professor of the history of political thought at IULM University in Milan and a Presidential Scholar in political theory at Chapman University.  He holds a PhD in political science from the University of Pavia.

He has authored or edited several books. His most recent are Contro la tribù. Hayek, la giustizia sociale e i sentieri di montagna (Marsilio, 2020) and The Myth of the Entrepreneurial State (with Deirdre McCloskey, AIER/ASI, 2020).

He frequently contributes to newspapers such as the economic supplement of Corriere della sera , as well as the EconLog blog. His commentaries have appeared in the major Italian dailies, and his opinion pieces have also been published by the The Wall Street Journal and Politico.

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