An uncertain road ahead for Zimbabwe in election year

President Robert Mugabe in power for 33 years (photo:dpa)
President Robert Mugabe in power for 33 years (photo:dpa)

Robert Mugabe, 89, is expected to be re-elected president after 33 years in power in elections due before the end of July 2013. But the focus this time will be as much on the choice of his main running mate for vice president as on him. If a president fails to complete his full term for any reason, the vice president automatically assumes the reins of power. In the case of Mr Mugabe’s party, Zanu-PF, the choice is between a Western–orientated reformer, and a man in the mould of Mr Mugabe himself.

<i>Zimbabwe is a country rich in natural resources and its economy is starting to grow. But political uncertainty is keeping investors away from what should be big economic opportunit...

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