Argentina’s Macri looks to build on initial gains

Argentine President Mauricio Macri
President Mauricio Macri has made gains through executive action and political bargaining. He will likely try to solidify support by winning over opposition politicians (source: dpa)
  • The Macri government’s initial reforms have put the economy on the right track
  • To implement more, Mr. Macri will need to turn his minority in Congress into a majority
  • Corruption scandals around the former president are driving opposition politicians to distance themselves from her
  • Mr. Macri will therefore make fighting corruption an important part of his agenda
Argentine President Mauricio Macri enters the second half of his first year in office having made a solid start in the transition from the populist government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. However, the economy remains sluggish. The challenge for the Macri administration now is to consolidate its gains by continuing to reduce inflation and articulating a coherent program. Local and congressional elections in 2017 will form a crucial test, potentially allowing the government to increase its support in Congress and avoid the high-risk bargains that it has so far been making with the majority Peronists.

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