Beyond the 2020 pandemic

Beyond the 2020 pandemic
The policies used to contain the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic have brought disruption that moved at a speed not seen in decades. As countries implemented measures to bring the disease under control, economies came to a screeching halt and entire sectors shut down. The flaws in many countries’ political systems were laid bare. All of this will have long-term effects on the world’s geopolitical shifts for years to come. GIS analyzes the potential consequences.

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Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers

Recovery economics: Optimism or overheating?

Economists Larry Summers and Olivier Blanchard have long urged governments to engage in more stimulus but now have become critical of President Biden's spending plans. Though they are right that economic overheating and higher interest rates would be disastrous, at least the U.S. has an optimistic outlook – something that cannot be said for slow-moving Europe.

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