Beyond the 2020 pandemic

Beyond the 2020 pandemic
The policies used to contain the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic have brought disruption that moved at a speed not seen in decades. As countries implemented measures to bring the disease under control, economies came to a screeching halt and entire sectors shut down. The flaws in many countries’ political systems were laid bare. All of this will have long-term effects on the world’s geopolitical shifts for years to come. GIS analyzes the potential consequences.

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A man wearing a face mask walking in Tehran

Relevance beyond the crisis: In the Middle East, more chaos or a glimmer of hope?

Many expected the coronavirus to spread rapidly throughout the Middle East, but save for Turkey and Iran, most countries in the region had the pandemic under control early on, thanks to aggressive containment measures. However, the drop in oil prices will be felt keenly in the area, potentially leading to renewed economic hardship – a situation that could ignite protests amid dispirited populations.

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