Big brother and the German chancellor’s mobile phone

Big brother and the German chancellor’s mobile phone

It seems United States intelligence secretly recorded calls from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone. She is outraged at them listening to her phone calls. The objective of American intelligence is supposed to be to protect the security of the U.S and its allies. 

Leaders of other European countries, particularly France’s Francois Hollande, have also complained about America’s intelligence services covertly listening to their conversations. They all claim that friends should trust each other and not tap each other’s telephones.  But are there double standards?  

 In a functioning democracy, the citizens of that country should be the government’s best friends and be trusted by them. But why do European governments ask to store the private data, including phone calls, of all their citizens? 

The excuse is to protect society against criminals. So, are governments putting us all, as their citizens, under general suspicion? 

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