Brazil: Corruption allegations engulf Temer

A demonstrator in Sao Paolo holds up an anti-Temer sign on May 21, 2017
Demonstrators in Brazil call for President Michel Temer’s resignation after a recorded conversation came to light that seemed to show he had engaged in bribery (source: dpa)
  • Brazil seemed to be turning the corner after months of economic turmoil
  • A new scandal has hit President Michel Temer, putting the recovery in jeopardy
  • His resignation would be the quickest fix, but that looks unlikely

Brazilian President Michel Temer had reason to celebrate on May 12, 2017. A year earlier, he had taken over as acting president when the Chamber of Deputies approved the impeachment indictment of President Dilma Rousseff (2011-2016). Expectations were low for his performance even after August 31, 2016, when the Senate convicted Ms. Rousseff, making him the president outright until the end of her term on December 31, 2018. But in the past year, despite his perpetual low popularity and lack of charisma, President Temer was able to obtain quick victories in passing legislation to reduce the monumental fiscal debt he inherited from years of government overspending.

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