Brazil’s economy starts to rebound as political crisis festers

Acting President of Brazil meets with business people
Brasilia, Aug. 11, 2016: acting President Michel Temer meets representatives of Brazil’s construction companies as he tries to restore confidence in the economy and boost private investment (source: dpa)
  • Most Brazilians want immediate presidential elections, but legally it is nearly impossible
  • There are signs that the country’s economic crisis is bottoming out
  • The October municipal elections may bring more clarity to the political picture, especially if a clear winner emerges in the biggest cities

Upstaged by the Olympic Games in Rio, the impeachment procedure of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in the National Congress will likely conclude by early September, nine months after it formally started. The Senate will enter the final phase of the process, a trial, on August 25.

Acting President Michel Temer talks a good game about the urgent need to improve conditions for the Brazilian economy. Little, however, has happened in the form of legislation. A sense of uncertainty persists in the business community and in society as a whole, despite strong market rallies and tranquility on the streets.

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