Brexit reveals grim outlook for EU

A British taxi driver waves a Union Jack while driving past a European Union flag that hangs outside a window in London
Britons who wanted to stay in the European Union were engulfed by a patriotic backlash, as shown by this London taxi driver waving a Union Jack (source: dpa)
  • Brexit damages both the UK and the EU, though it does offer some opportunities
  • The EU stands to lose more, with its very existence coming into question
  • This state of affairs stems from Brussels’ insistence on pushing for an ever closer union despite worries about a deficit of democracy
  • Given the challenges it faces, the EU can only hold together with visionary leadership

The United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union has been described as a “seismic event,” partly because so few seemed to believe it was a possibility. Markets were taken aback. The Brussels establishment was shell-shocked, and even leaders of the “Leave” campaign appeared shaken. So, how bad is it?

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