Cautious optimism grows over Transnistria deal

Soviet symbols are still used in Transnistria (photo: dpa)
Soviet symbols are still used in Transnistria (photo: dpa)

Euro-optimism within Moldova - one of the poorest, but one of the most dynamic economies in Europe - is being dampened by its unsettled conflict with Transnistria, a 400 km strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine. The self-proclaimed state of Transnistria is the most significant potential obstacle to Moldova’s future prosperity and successful European integration. But while Moldova has leanings towards Europe, Transnistria has leanings towards Russia. This third and final report on frozen conflicts in Eastern Europe examines Transnistria’s tense stand off with Moldova and considers possible outcomes.

ONE of the least known of Europe’s ‘frozen conflicts’ may be heading for a solution...

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