Changes in the political landscape

Changes in the political landscape
The political changes now becoming evident in most democratic countries are often decried as caused by “populists.” So-called radical movements, however, can also be seen as a response to the failures of self-absorbed political “elites.” Consequently, the shifts they prompt may be a form of creative destruction necessary to make room for more effective policies and free debate.

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A picture showing the European Council head and Georgia’s prime minister in the country’s capital in April 2021

Georgia’s waning faith in its pro-Western orientation

Ever since its Rose Revolution of 2003, Georgia has sought to embed itself firmly in the West but has made only modest progress toward joining NATO and the EU. While it resolutely keeps its distance from Russia, the South Caucasus country risks finding itself under the Kremlin’s influence once again if forced to replace its pro-Western orientation with multi-vector policies.

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