China rises

China rises
China’s ascent to peer status with the U.S. is the century’s salient geopolitical fact. Beijing has used its growing power to turn neighbors into dependents and expand overseas. Its Belt and Road Initiative shows long-term vision but has also raised tensions along Asia’s rim. Internally, China faces financial and demographic challenges that will be hard to overcome, even as President Xi consolidates power.

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Accra, the capital of Ghana

New opportunities 2021: Accelerated change in sub-Saharan Africa

In some parts of the world, Covid-19 set off new economic or political trends. In sub-Saharan Africa, the pandemic sped up those that were already in place. Indebted countries are sinking deeper in debt, but Africa’s technological leapfrogging also accelerated. Perhaps most importantly, China’s influence on the continent is set to increase even faster, while the U.S. and Europe lose sway as they struggle with internal difficulties.

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