Colombia’s peace dividend still looks iffy

Colombia’s President Santos got more financial aid to support peace talks with guerrillas after meeting U.S. President Barack Obama
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (L) got more U.S. aid to back the peace process after a February 2016 meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington (source: dpa)
  • Colombia’s peace dividend may disappear if oil prices stay low
  • The key land restitution program has stalled amid right-wing opposition
  • Peace accords may fail if talks are not wrapped up in six months

Colombia is close to ending a civil war that has devastated the country for half a century. But getting a peace settlement signed is just the start of President Juan Manuel Santos’s problems.

In February, Mr. Santos went to Washington to meet President Barack Obama. The visit marked the success of Plan Colombia, a program that funneled billions of dollars to the Colombian military to combat Marxist guerrillas, drug cartels and right-wing paramilitaries.

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