A Syrian Kurdish child whose parents fled to Turkey (photo: dpa)

Complacent West fails to realise that religious war has been declared

The international community has been slow to react to the crimes and massacres committed in Iraq and Syria. Westerners continue to believe that their civilisation is immortal, but the new enemy is shaped by fanaticism and ideology, fighting for twisted convictions and for a faith. It has declared a war of religion and has combatants from all over the world. Nuclear deterrents and heavy weaponry are of little use under these circumstances – new tactics and technology are needed urgently.

POLITICS is the art of the possible, according to 19th century Prussian politician Otto von Bismarck. However, the possib...

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 Charles Millon
These Islamists– subscribe to this old idea of cleansing the land of ‘impure’ elements which has existed across the world for at least two centuries
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