Defence: Japan’s hope for air superiority with fighter jet

Two F-15 aircraft accidents in Japan in 2011 (photo:dpa)
Two F-15 aircraft accidents in Japan in 2011 (photo:dpa)

A multi-billion euro defence contract to buy a new generation of fighter jet is being pursued by Japan. It has to provide air superiority against China and Russia and be capable of working alongside the US air force. This briefing looks at the choices Japan faces.

JAPAN will make a decision by the end of 2011 which will redefine strategic air superiority in East Asia.

The country has to replace its ageing fleet of fighter jets with a new generation of aircraft costing up to US$8billion (€ 5.6 billion).

Japan has a small but expertly trained air force (ASDF) consisting chiefly of 362 fighter jets of the types F-15, F-4 and F-2, which opera...

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