Dr. David E. Lewis

GIS guest expert Dr. David E. Lewis is an international trade consultant with 30 years of experience in economic policy and business development in the Caribbean and Latin American public and private sectors and international organizations. Since 2000, he has been Vice President of Manchester Trade Ltd., and international trade and business advisory firm in Washington, D.C. His previous experience includes posts as Deputy Executive Director of the Caribbean Latin American Action nonprofit organization in Washington; Director of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States’ Caribbean Policy Project, based in Antigua; and Assistant Secretary of State for Caribbean Development of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He is a past Trustee Member of the Board of Caribbean-Central American Action and a Senior Associate (non-resident) of the Americas Program at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. During these decades he has lived and worked extensively throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

His areas of expertise cover trade and investment promotion and development, international business relations, services and manufacturing sectors, and renewable fuels and ethanol development and promotion. At Manchester Trade he leads the firm’s client business in Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on trade and investment initiatives. He represents government and business client interests in free-trade negotiations in the Caribbean and Latin America, World Trade Organization and multilateral trade and export initiatives. From 2001-2007 he led Manchester Trade’s advisory services for the government of the Dominican Republic’s negotiation and implementation of the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) with the United States, as well as the government of Nicaragua, the textile industry of Guatemala, the tobacco industry of the Caribbean & Central America, and the government of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Lewis has also worked on export-development initiatives for African governments and businesses, including export-development strategies and trade-policy advice. He also coordinates Manchester Trade’s energy practice (focused on renewable fuels, ethanol and LNG) with clients in the U.S., Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa.

He also manages the firm’s Cuba Bureau Program focused on advancing business, trade and investment opportunities in and with Cuba for clients from the U.S., Latin American and Caribbean markets. He has worked on Cuban matters since 1988. He also is responsible for the firm’s work on negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trade in Services Agreement, as well as their implications for countries and companies in the Americas.

He lead the firm’s business portfolio work for clients on the NAFTA renegotiation, leading to the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, and on U.S.-Latin America trade and investment agreements covering agriculture, textiles and apparel, manufacturing, energy, services, pharmaceutical firms’ intellectual property rights, market access and other related issues.

Dr. Lewis is a regular commentator on international trade on CNNEspañol’s “Economia y Finanzas” daily program, and e-publishes the periodical Manchester Trade Updates, covering trade, investment, agribusiness, tourism, IT and telecoms, and political development issues in Africa and the Americas. 

He has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School of Business, Brandeis University and the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. 

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