Technologies are being developed which aim to limit the sun's heat reaching the Earth (photo:dpa)

Energy: Scientists urge international debate on Solar Radiation Management

The deliberate manipulation of the sun’s heating properties by using rapidly advancing technologies to reflect solar rays back into space is causing concern among scientific and governance bodies. This brief looks at the development of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and considers the advantages and risks involved in this form of geo-engineering. A companion report by GIS expert Dr Carole Nakhle looks at the reality of SRM being implemented.

INDEPTH research and shared global dialogue is urgently needed before large-scale Solar Radiation Management projects and experiments take place – forms of geo-engineering which are devised to limit the sun’s heat reaching the earth.

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 Stelios A. Choulis
SRM works by reflecting more heat back into space or intercepting sunlight before it reaches the Earth by, for example, constructing umbrellas – sunshades – in space
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