Europe’s choice: global player or dependence

EU flags lowered outside of the European Commission headquarters in Brussels
EU flags are lowered outside of the European Commission in Brussels. To survive, the bloc must implement a coordinated defense, but abstain from harmonization (source: dpa)
  • Europe is paralyzed while geopolitical machinations heat up
  • To achieve its imperatives, Europe must make drastic changes to its systems
  • If it fails to do so, the European Union could fall apart

In the 16th century, Europe began exploring the world, and in the following centuries conquered most of it. Portugal started exploring the African coast, the route to India and further eastward to the Pacific Ocean. Then the Americas were explored and colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese, followed later by the French and British. The Americas became “European” continents, with South America mainly influenced by its Iberian past and North America mostly dominated by a northern European heritage.

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