Forget about the nukes, where is our aid?

Mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles during a military parade in North Korea
Pyongyang, Oct. 10, 2015: mock-ups of KN-08, also known as Rodong-C, intercontinental ballistic missiles being developed in North Korea, shown during a military parade on Kim Il-sung Square (source: dpa)
  • China has failed to find a way to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program
  • Kim Jung-un aptly exploits Beijing’s weak spot in relations with North Korea to continue obtaining aid from China
  • Pyongyang rejects the six-party talks in a hope to play its “atomic card” directly with the United States

While most countries try to resolve their differences through dialogue, negotiation and compromise, the regime of North Korea firmly believes in using threats and force instead. The approach has worked quite nicely for Pyongyang in dealing with China. The North Koreans are convinced that if the globe’s most populous country accepts their harsh tactics, the rest of the world will not stand up to them. A beggar cannot go bankrupt anyway.

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