French election: Nicolas Sarkozy puts forward ‘measures’ to boost his appeal

Nicolas Sarkozy putting forward his conservative measures (photo:dpa)
Nicolas Sarkozy putting forward his conservative measures (photo:dpa)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced a series of policy changes he would introduce to boost the French economy. He is not even an official candidate for re-election but his interviews, broadcast nationally and in Figaro magazine, provided a platform to show he is in the race and covered taxes, apprenticeships, housing and the role of unions in the workplace.

NICOLAS Sarkozy, although not officially a candidate in the forthcoming French presidential election, has indicated he will be.

The centre-right president, who won convincingly in 2007, is not the favourite to win the two rounds of elections on April 22 and May 5. He has refused to ann...

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