Supporters of anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare carry his image through the streets of India (photo:dpa)

Geopolitics: India’s Mahatma disciples back 'peaceful' anti-corruption protests

India is in the grip of a peaceful protest. Tens of thousands are following in the footsteps of 
the country’s liberation leader Mahatma Gandhi who promoted non-violent resistance as they support the hunger striker Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign. But are they missing the point of Gandhi’s original message? asks GIS expert Barun S. Mitra.

2011 will go down as the year of protests.

First the streets erupted in Tunisia and Egypt 
inspiring unrest across the Middle East and Maghreb with protests against the ruling authorities and demands by the population for greater political participation. Regimes were toppled.

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 Barun S. Mitra
The nation has been seized by Mr Hazare’s
 Gandhian crusade with his every word and movement reported in a highly successful media campaign put together by a public relations team - Team Anna
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