GIS cartoons: Best of 2020

A cartoon of binoculars with graph lines in the lenses
While most forecasts predict a return to growth in 2021, the shape of this recovery is still uncertain (source: GIS)

Though geopolitics is a serious business, it is important to look at it through different lenses – even, sometimes, humor.

With that in mind, GIS often uses cartoons to illustrate points or highlight crucial issues.

This year, there was no shortage of material. Here are our favorite cartoons from 2020.

Biased media

A cartoon of Donald Trump being silenced by reporters
The election coverage of most established media was obviously biased in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden (source: GIS)

Covid liberty

A cartoon of the Statue of Liberty with a face mask
The United States has indulged in excessive public spending in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, which has led to unmanageable sovereign debts and heavy tax loads (source: GIS)

The EU against Boris Johnson

A cartoon of Boris Johnson chastised by EU leaders
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received harsh criticism from Brussels, Belfast, Berlin and Dublin over his attempt to cut corners with regard to some of the United Kingdom’s obligations under the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement (source: GIS)

Europe and the world

A cartoon of a small ‘Europe’ man shouting at a giant
Europe’s only way to play a global role is to join forces and coordinate their policy; individual states are too small to become major players on their own (source: GIS)

Ms. Merkel and Mr. Macron

A cartoon of Macron as Napoleon and Merkel as von Bismarck
French-German friendship was the engine behind the success of the European project, but too much integration could ultimately lead it off track (source: GIS)

Poland and Hungary

A cartoon of Poland and Hungary being threatened by an EU policeman
Western nations often deem Central Europe too immature for democracy, but they fail to appreciate the region’s past and identity (source: GIS)

Iran and the West

A cartoon of Merkel, Trump and Iranian leaders in bumper cars
The regime in Iran will only understand clarity and firmness. Europe’s diplomatic wheeling and dealing will inevitably lead to more adversity (source: GIS)

Draconian lockdowns

A cartoon of a ‘Covid-19’ Grim Reaper chased by a larger ‘Lockdown’ Grim Reape
As the coronavirus pandemic spread, governments the world over rushed to impose lockdowns (source: GIS)

The new left

A cartoon of a socialist youth
Socialism has gained popularity among millennials, a trend that could increasingly push politicians toward bigger government (source: GIS)

China vs. United States

A cartoon of China and the U.S. as football players
The growing rivalry between the United States and China is deepening divides in global politics and economy. Trading could become more difficult, and a new bipolar world order might result (source: GIS)

Excessive debt

AA cartoon of a small ‘economy’ boat tugging a large ‘debt’ ship
As long as fiscally irresponsible European states are provided with liquidity by the European Central Bank, excessive debt will continue to be a noose around Europe’s neck (source: GIS)
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