GIS Dossier: Mexico

President Pena Nieto welcomes home migrants deported from the U.S.
President Pena Nieto welcomes home Mexican migrants deported from the U.S. Immigration has become a big sticking point between the two countries (source: dpa)
  • President Pena Nieto’s popularity has dropped precipitously
  • Reform efforts got off the ground quickly, but then stalled
  • Drug violence is a huge problem that the government has papered over
  • Donald Trump’s policies complicate Mexico’s challenges

GIS’s new “Dossier” series aims to give our subscribers a quick overview of key topics, regions or conflicts. This entry surveys key geopolitical developments in Mexico since 2011, based on a selection of GIS reports.

The emergence of Donald Trump as a political force on the global scene has put Mexico squarely in the spotlight. But long before the United States’ southern neighbor was made a bugbear, GIS experts have been examining various trends affecting this critical Latin American country. Though it has made a lot of economic progress since the mid-1990s especially, it still faces an uphill battle to become more efficient and innovative. The reform process picked up with the election of President Enrique Peno Nieta in 2012, but slowed soon after when his administration became bogged down by rising drug violence, corruption scandals and a slowing economy.

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