Global Outlook 2017: Defense of Christian values

A partially damaged heavy truck at the scene of a Dec. 19, 2016 terror attack in Berlin
Berlin, Dec. 20, 2016: the truck hijacked by a terror suspect who killed the driver and deliberately ploughed the vehicle into a crowded Christmas market (source: dpa)
  • If Western Christian civilization collapses, a brutal and pitiless world will take its place
  • Western humanism has religious and transcendent sources without which it is incomprehensible to itself
  • This civilization’s very survival now hangs on its ability to rediscover Christian truth and the values which it represents – and enable that truth to renew its eviscerated politics and tarnished institutions

Every generation faces its challenges. As today’s Europeans gaze at the horrors of Aleppo and Mosul, or consider the threats posed by resurgent nationalism, they are surely right to think of Flanders, Dresden and Stalingrad.

Only one century ago, in one of humanity’s deadliest conflicts, largely played out on European soil, some 17 million people lost their lives and another 20 million were wounded. After it was over, the Irish poet William Butler Yeats wrote a poem “The Second Coming.”

It depicts a brutal, disintegrating and chaotic world in which a falcon, the hunting hawk, loses touch with its keeper. In place of Christianity, the agnostic Yeats asks “what rough beast, its hour come round at last/ Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”

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