Istanbul, Jan. 12, 2016: Turkish police guard the Sultanahmet district where a suicide bomber killed 10 people; Daesh (also called Islamic State) is believed to be responsible for the attack (source: dpa)

Global trends: players and paths for Islamic State (part 1)

There is little doubt that Islamic State is here to stay as a headache in the Middle East. The only question is how serious a headache for local and foreign powers it will be by mid-2017. Even under the best-case scenario, its clandestine cells will remain active in eastern and northern Syria and in the Sunni areas of Iraq.

<i>This report is part of GIS’s “Global Trends” series, which aims to forecast big-picture scenarios that will shape the world this year and beyond.</i>

Islamic State (IS, or Daesh, as it is known in Arabic) may also remain capable of mounting or inspiring small-scale terrorist operations in Europe and the United States through...

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Professor Dr. Amatzia Baram
Since the second half of the 20th century, the Islamic world has been going through an existential crisis. Traditionally, Muslims felt superior to the Christian West. This conviction was shaken by the demise of the Ottoman Empire in 1918
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