How technology is shaping education in Latin America

A student uses a computer during a lesson at school in Brazil
Students in Salvador, Brazil, use computers during a school lesson. The internet is having an ever-greater influence on education throughout the region (source: dpa)
  • Latin America’s education systems are falling short in terms of quality
  • New providers are using technology to fill in the gaps
  • These solutions will increase quality and access to education in the region

Huge changes could be coming to the most resistant education systems in Latin America. Mass access to the digital cloud and collaborative communication are reshaping the scene. There are numerous trends, many of which are driven by innovations that offer solutions to the region’s most pressing educational challenges. Some of these innovations are led by governments, which remain the main education providers. But they have fallen short in offering high-quality education. Many initiatives are therefore emerging from social organizations, youth groups, entrepreneurs and companies – and they are playing an increasingly important role.

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