In North Korea, no one wants to stay in heaven

The closing ceremony of the North Korean Workers’ Party congress in Pyongyang on May 11, 2016.
The Kim regime portrays North Korea as a “heaven,” but people keep defecting. Pictured: the closing ceremony of the 2016 Workers’ Party congress (source: dpa)

  • A wave of high-profile defections undermines Pyongyang’s propaganda
  • One even put a significant dent in Kim Jong-un’s personal income
  • The dictator is responding to this threat with increasingly brutal punishments

From July 6 to July 16, 2016, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology held the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad competition. Just after it finished, one of the North Korean students disappeared. It was reported that he was holed up in the South Korean consulate in Hong Kong. To prevent any retaliation from North Korea, the Hong Kong government sent police from its Counter Terrorism Response Unit to keep a 24-hour watch over the Far East Finance Centre, the building where the consulate is located.

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