Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei dismissed Western sanctions (photo:dpa)

Iran’s nuclear ambition poses problem for Israel and region

The Middle East balance of power will be rocked if Iran acquires nuclear weapons. The blow to Israel’s regional predominance and the impact on Iran’s neighbours will create potentially other hostile nuclear powers. It may also lead to armed conflict unless a deal is struck quickly.

IRAN’S nuclear parity with Israel, if achieved through acquiring nuclear weapons and missiles, will alter the balance of power across the greater Middle East for at least a century.

It is not just that a nuclear arms race will ensue with the Gulf states, Turkey and Egypt racing to acquire or build a ‘Sunni bomb’, with the active help of nuclear Pakistan,...

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The strategic advantage Iran has enjoyed is coming to a decisive and, most likely, violent end unless a last minute ‘package deal’ is produced
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