ISIS has expanded its influence in Syria and Iraq and risen with speed to terrifying power in its efforts to resurrect an Islamic state across the entire Fertile Crescent and into Africa and Asia. But the strategy of ISIS, one of the wealthiest and most violent jihadist groups in history, has led to the start of its undoing. Its aspirations to rule are becoming increasingly difficult in the face of the US-Iraq-Kurdish-Iran campaign against it.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) was born in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the 1990s. The Iraqi leader was a Sunni Muslim and it was his faith campaign, which sought to Islamise society, which laid the foundation for ISIS.

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Professor Dr. Amatzia Baram
ISIS performed a quantum leap but Saddam provided the jihadists with the stepping stone. Even to the more secular army officers, the benefit of using an Islamic front became glaringly obvious
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