Israel and Hezbollah: The war nobody wants may be about to happen

Iranian Revolutionary Guards train with a Shahab-2 missile battery
Iran has sought to deliver more advanced weapons to Hezbollah such as these Shahab-2 missiles, which have the range to strike almost anywhere in Israel (source: dpa)
  • The outbreak of open hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah appears imminent
  • The conflict could start through escalation of a local incident or at Iran’s instigation
  • Even more likely is that Hezbollah’s growing capabilities prompt an Israeli first strike

A glum conviction is growing among military and political professionals that a war between Israel and Hezbollah can no longer be avoided. The war will bring untold destruction because both sides have developed their military capacities far beyond those of 2006, when the Second Lebanon War started. The question is when hostilities will break out and what will be the trigger.

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