Japan’s growing nuclear dilemma

Demonstrators spell the message “Ban nukes now! 2017” with candles in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima on June 15, 2017, during U.N. negotiations to outlaw nuclear weapons
Most Japanese share the view of demonstrators who spelled out “Ban nukes now!” with candles in Hiroshima, but the North Korea threat may change many minds (source: dpa)
  • East Asia is becoming increasingly unstable
  • Japan is considering beefing up its defense capabilities
  • This could include nuclear weapons to counter the North Korea threat

Japan is the only country that has suffered through atomic attacks, events that set its population strongly against nuclear weapons. However, developments are moving in a direction that may force the country to reconsider its stance. The rapid rise of China and North Korea’s drive to become a globally recognized nuclear power, along with growing doubts about the commitment of the United States to come to Japan’s defense, are all drastically changing the security environment in the region

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