Kenya counts the cost of a failed state on its doorstep

Kenya's intervention in Somalia led to terror attack (photo:dpa)
Kenya's intervention in Somalia led to terror attack (photo:dpa)

The Somali-led Islamic militants who attacked a Kenyan shopping centre in September 2013 said they would continue to strike more targets in the country unless Kenya removed its troops from their land. Kenya invaded Somalia in 2011 because of repeated cross-border raids by the militant group, al-Shabab. But it is unlikely to withdraw its troop until the militants no longer pose a threat, not while it is being threatened with more attacks.

<i>Kenya’s decision to overturn a 48-year-old policy of not intervening in the region`s conflicts and to invade Somalia came after repeated raids from al-Shabab militants into its territory. But the Somali invasion was given as the reason for on...

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