Kim Watch: Kim Jong-un brings back the ‘pleasure squad’

North Korean women fawn over Kim Jong-un
Just like his father and grandfather, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un loves attention from the ladies and has created his own harem (source: dpa)

Five years after the death of Kim Jong-il, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un finally decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather Kim Il-sung by bringing back a “pleasure squad” for his own self-indulgence.

The first such group was formed in 1970, while Kim Il-sung was in power. At the time, North Korean government officials searched the country for beautiful young girls who were between the ages of 13 and 15, 1.7 meters tall and virgins (a status to be confirmed after a thorough medical evaluation).

After selection, all the girls were trained to sing, dance and play a musical instrument. The most important skill was to take good care of and entertain “the Great Leader.” Once the girls had finished their rigorous training, they were sent to villas around the country that had been specially built for him.

Kim Jong-il formed his own “pleasure squad” in the 1980s. All the girls in this new group were called “Kim Jong-il’s women,” in an effort to differentiate it from Kim Il-sung’s clique. Kim Jong-il chose more mature women, but also those with musical talent, for his harem.

Freedom for the North Korean people would mean the end of Kim Jong-un’s personal pleasure – and likely his life

The requirements for the women in his pleasure squad were more detailed – down to the shape of the face, which had to resemble a duck egg. Although Kim Jong-il severely criticized the “decadent lifestyle” of the West and banned the whole nation from enjoying anything connected with it, the songs and dances he ordered his women to perform were all from Western culture.

Kim Jong-un dismissed his father’s pleasure squad when his father died and for five years had no harem of his own. North Korea’s top elites began to believe that perhaps because he was educated in Switzerland, Kim Jong-un’s thinking was different from the feudal mindset of his father and grandfather. As it turns out, the three generations have plenty in common.

Anyone who had ever dreamed that Kim Jong-un would reform North Korea to make it something different from what his father and grandfather created must have woken up by now. As long as the Kim family is in charge of North Korea, the country will never change.

Freedom for the North Korean people would mean the end of Kim Jong-un’s personal pleasure – and likely his life, especially if the people ever discover the truth about what the Kims have done.

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