Matteo Renzi shakes up Italian politics

Matteo Renzi forged an alliance with Silvio Berlusconi (photo:dpa)
Matteo Renzi forged an alliance with Silvio Berlusconi (photo:dpa)

Italy’s political scene has been in turmoil for 20 years until it was grasped by the left wing’s new leader, Matteo Renzi. He is the man of the moment who has tackled the troubling issues within his own party and forged an alliance to bring about change with the big political beast from the right, Silvio Berlusconi.

<i>Matteo Renzi, the new leader of Italy’s Democratic Party seems to have shaken the tree of Italian politics. In two months since he took office, he has taken control of the party and dictated the draft of a new electoral law. Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has promised his support, Five Star Movement founder Beppe Grillo has been wrong-footed once again, a...

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