Middle East politics

Middle East politics
The region, one of the cradles of civilization, is going through a turbulent period of historic realignment. Its powers are vying for political, military, economic and religious dominance with local players and outside actors. Armed conflicts, mainly civil wars, are challenging the permanence of states whose borders were drawn arbitrarily in the early 20th century, after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

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A map of Israel’s relations with countries in the Middle East.

Seen from Israel: The game-changing UAE deal

The recent normalization of ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates came as a shock to many, dispelling the mythical belief that solving the Palestinian issue was a prerequisite to any new peace deal. Like other Gulf states, the UAE has felt threatened by Iran, and sees Israel as a counterweight. Other Arab countries may follow its lead, while Turkey and Iran bide their time before choosing a response. 

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