Oct. 5, 2015, Port near Tripoli: migrants are streaming north through Libya because chaos in that country facilitates human trafficking (source: dpa)

Migrations of the third millennium, part 2: Jihadist offensive spurs African flight

Tension between the Mediterranean Sea’s northern and southern shores is nothing new. In fact, it is ancient, dating back well before 1830, when France colonised Algeria in an effort to suppress the piracy, slave trade and smuggling that had infested those waters for centuries, and also to satisfy commercial interests.

According to the Italian Ministry of the Interior, the business of smuggling migrants across the Mediterranean brings in several billion euros each year. The International Organization for Migration explains that the number of migrants attempting to traverse its waters could swell to half a million this year. That compares with the 175,000 people w...

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 Charles Millon
Islamic fundamentalists are taking advantage of the fragility of local authorities and using the same terror tactics. They are consciously creating the conditions that encourage people to flee, driving out the resident populations from these regions so that only Muslims remain
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