Mozambique looks for a way out of crises

A map of Mozambique with areas where militias operate and oil and gas fields
Militias targeting mid-level opposition members have been active in the provinces of Manica, Sofala and Tete. Many suspect they are tied to the government (source: macpixxel for GIS)
  • A huge financial scandal has brought instability back to Mozambique
  • On top of that, political violence has begun to flare up
  • All of this could risk the country’s significant potential
  • An active U.S. administration and big foreign investors could help right the ship

Mozambique, once held up as a model country for the way it ushered in peace and reconciliation after a long civil war, now faces a new round of potential crises – from a huge corruption scandal, to fiscal instability, to a possible return of civil war. These crises are all connected historically and politically, and threaten to derail the country’s huge natural resource-based potential. However, with new international investors set to give Mozambique an economic boost and a new U.S. administration that may be willing to take an active role, it is likely that momentum will be found to bring the country back from the brink.

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