North America

North America

The three countries that cover almost 90 percent of North America – the United States, Canada and Mexico – are economically very closely intertwined. The U.S. has the dominant position. It is the world’s largest economy and strongest military power. Shielded by oceans to the east and west, it projects influence globally. The continent is so rich in natural resources that it is practically self-sufficient.

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A container ship in the southern French port of Marseille Fos

GIS Dossier: Global trade tensions worsen

Nobody is interested in setting off a trade war, but the trade liberalization process has ground to a halt. The U.S. is not the only guilty party: none of the biggest trading nations has abided by the principle of free trade. Also, many smaller countries are free riders on the system. In the longer term, the economic and geopolitical consequences of a punitive U.S. trade regime may prove very bad for the world. 

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