Opinion: EU-60 summit evades disaster and reform

Musicians from 1931 comedy film “The Congress Dances”
The EU’s Rome summit was probably a lot less fun than the Congress of Vienna – just look at this party scene from Eric Charell’s 1931 comedy “The Congress Dances” (source: dpa)
  • The EU managed to avoid public spats at its 60th anniversary summit in Rome
  • The bloc’s leaders contributed little to the internal debate on long-term strategy
  • Worrying hints in the summit declaration point to a multi-speed, centralized Europe

Not all member states and institutions of the European Union were thrilled about Matteo Renzi’s idea – back while he was still prime minister of Italy – to hold a special summit to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. Last week’s celebration of the EU’s founding documents would have been spoiled had one family member – the United Kingdom – shown up with her divorce papers. But Theresa May’s travel plans were not the only worry. Younger family members were also acting up.

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