Opinion: Why Germany ‘Kant’ be the UK’s perfect Brexit ally

Portrait of German philosopher Immanuel Kant
Germany’s insistence on a clear set of rules owes much to philosopher Immanuel Kant (R); the antithesis to this approach is William James' (L) Anglo-Saxon pragmatism (source: dpa)
  • Germany has good reason to maintain close trade and military ties with the UK
  • But this collides Berlin’s more fundamental belief in the sanctity of rules and EU unity
  • A pragmatic Brexit deal is more likely if Angela Merkel leads the next government

Now that Article 50 has been invoked, it is time to consider who will be sitting down to Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom – no matter what its government looks like after the June snap elections. Among the European Union’s member states, Germany is considered the most influential and the most supportive of an amicable divorce, especially when it comes to a future EU-UK trade agreement. But for various reasons, Berlin may not turn out to be the friend London is hoping for.

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