Peru’s new president needs more than economic smarts

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski celebrates winning Peru’s presidential election.
Peru’s president-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, or PPK, has a strong economic background, but he will also need to fight crime and fix a dysfunctional political system (source: dpa)
  • Peru’s president-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has strong economic credentials
  • The country has a dysfunctional political system that will pose a challenge to his style
  • Strong opposition in Congress could also derail his plans
  • If he remains practical and gets the economy moving, he stands a good chance of succeeding

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, or PPK as he is known by Peruvians, was the least likely candidate to win the recent presidential election in Peru. A liberal economist, and at 77 the oldest of 19 first-round candidates, he looks and speaks like a gringo. In fact, it was just six months before the election that he gave up his passport from the United States, a country where he lived and worked for long periods of his life.

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