GIS cartoons: Best of 2021

Sometimes a map or a photo simply does not do justice to the point GIS experts are making. When that happens, we turn to cartoons to convey their ideas or highlight crucial issues. Here are our favorites from 2021.

Cartoon by GIS
Governments have used Covid-19 as an excuse to continue their irresponsible fiscal policies. © GIS

Personal freedom

Cartoon by GIS - Government data collection
How far away are Western democracies from becoming police surveillance states? © GIS
Cartoon by GIS anti-Christianity
Despite the destruction wrought by Marxist governments, the ideology is enjoying a resurgence these days. © GIS
A cartoon showing two apes in a science lab
Today’s collusion between politics and science looks like it comes straight from a certain classic film. © GIS


A cartoon highlighting Europe’s de facto proximity to Afghanistan Afghanistan immigration Europe
Harbor no illusion: Europe is not insulated from Afghanistan’s drama. © GIS
A cartoon highlighting the tragedy of hapless Afghans left behind by the escaping Westerners
Kabul fell to the Taliban, and the whole world watched on as desperate Afghans tried to flee the country. © GIS
The cartoon lampooning the Taliban’s win in Afghanistan against the powerful United States
The Biden administration refuses to take responsibility for its blunder. © GIS


Cartoon of a rat marked “inflation” eating the contents of a fridge
Suddenly rising food prices would disproportionately affect the underprivileged. © GIS
A cartoon highlighting the pernicious nature of inflation
The danger of inflation was downplayed by central bankers and many economists. © GIS

Government overreach

Cartoon of Frankenstein in an office
Many organizations created in the aftermath of World War II have begun enforcing an agenda of their own. © GIS
Cartoon of a sinking ship labelled western democracies, laden down with an anchor that says taxation
Western governments appear to have thrown caution to the wind with higher taxes. © GIS
A cartoon showing a giant octopus labelled supranational bodies wrapping its arms around the defenseless sailboat of democracy
Octopus-like supranational organizations pose a growing threat to democracy and free market. © GIS
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