Redefining America

Redefining America
After a 20-year run as the world’s hegemonic power, the United States is retrenching. The Trump administration accelerated this process, answering China’s disruptive rise with an economic and military challenge, and using similar confrontational tactics with Iran. Domestically, the U.S. is doubling down on its faith in small government. American bilateralism’s key risk is estranging long-time partners needed to sustain its preeminence.

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A picture of leaders of Russia and Iran meeting in Iran’s capital

Opinion: What will Russia do if the U.S. strikes Iran?

Russia is highly unlikely to respond militarily to a hypothetical U.S. attack on Iran. But Moscow has a wide range of options to make Washington pay a steep price for such a disrupting step, and to uphold its reputation in the Arab world as a reliable business partner and geopolitical ally.

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