Russia And Central Asia

Russia And Central Asia

This area covers most of the north Eurasian landmass, excluding territories commonly regarded as belonging to Europe. The core of this region is Russia, which has exerted a strong influence for centuries. The Soviet Union’s collapse allowed several new states to emerge. Other parts of this region are the Caspian basin, Central Asia and Mongolia.

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A protester holds up a sign at a protest rally in Moscow

Essay: A new actor in Russian politics – citizens

For years, the only role “the people” have played in Russian politics is one in which they legitimize the regime in power. Though admittedly important, that role did not involve shaping the political agenda. Now, that seems to be changing – all because of a mismanaged election for Moscow’s city parliament. The nascent civil society movement may not bring radical political change soon, but it has certainly become a force to be reckoned with.

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