Russia resurgent

Russia resurgent
Russia’s incursion in Ukraine raised alarm about a new Cold War, deepened with the intervention in Syria and allegations of meddling in U.S. elections. But the Kremlin’s new assertiveness is largely defensive, while Ukraine’s emergence as a nation-state undermines Moscow’s power base. In economic and technological terms Russia is a slow growth country, demographically it is in decline, while President Putin’s political grip is in question.

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A map showing Eurasian Economic Union member countries

A closer look at the Eurasian Economic Union

In theory, the Eurasian Economic Union should be an important economic influence globally. Combined, its five members’ GDP outweigh that of Germany. Yet, it has struggled to find relevance, not least because it has not managed to build true economic integration. Much of that has to do with the outsized influence Russia plays in the organization. Can it overcome the hurdles?

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