Rwanda's Paul Kagame ended the genocide which tore the country apart in just 100 days. His vision for the country has brought a booming economy but doubts remain over whether it includes a move to a real democracy.

PAUL Kagame, Rwanda's president, has a vision for his country but doubts remain on whether his dream includes a transition to a real democracy.

He has been close to the seat of power since 1994 when his actions halted the genocide which had killed 800,000 Rwandans in 100 days and destroyed the country.

The violence as the Tutsi minority was eliminated by the Hutu majority in an act of genocide had brought Rwa...

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 Teresa Nogueira Pinto
President Kagame has a strong argument to justify limiting political rights and civil liberties fearing the potential return of violence in case Hutu extremists gain power in a society still scarred by the genocide
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