Scandalised and bored by the Greek saga

Scandalised and bored by the Greek saga

The longer the Greek debt saga continues, the more irritating it becomes, writes Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. It has been obvious for some time that Greece is bankrupt.

The negotiations and renegotiations, statements, lies, and the personal comedy of Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, are not only insignificant - but just prolong the agony.

Many of the facts leading to this situation are scandalous starting from Greece’s acceptance into the eurozone in 2001. Everyone knew of the financial window-dressing required to demonstrate that Greece was acceptable.

It is hard to believe the European Central Bank and the European Commission were unaware of the ongoing manipulation of Greece's fiscal and economic figures.

It is a further scandal that European money is still being invested in such a hopeless case and, instead of taking action, ‘the can is just being kicked further down the road’.

This is just aggravating the situation further and is not solving Europe’s problems, or the agony for the Greek economy and its population.

In a democracy, people are responsible for the governments they elect. Consequently, the solution can only come from Greece.

The constant media coverage about meetings, ideas for solutions and attempts to misguide are boring. The space devoted to media reports on the Greek situation is exaggerated because the final outcome is clear.

The only reason this story continues is because of the failure by International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and politicians from Europe and Greece to take responsibility.

Nobody wants to be blamed for pulling the plug on Greece.

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