Scenarios for unification in the Balkans

A map showing CEFTA member countries
The Balkans are already part of the CEFTA free trade zone, but Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic wants greater economic integration (source: macpixxel for GIS)
  • Albania and Serbia want to redraw borders in the Balkans
  • This is unlikely for political and economic reasons
  • Loose confederations based on these two countries could arise, however

Calls for merging small Balkan countries into larger states have resumed, and will likely play a significant role in the region’s political discourse over the next decade. Serbia would like to regain its regional hegemony by economically integrating the countries that once formed Yugoslavia and Albania. For its part, Albania is mooting a potential unification with Kosovo. These developments show how the same Serb-Albanian tensions that have existed for decades continue to dominate the region’s geopolitics. Peace will depend on finding a resolution for these two national identities.

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