Technology exporters are the biggest beneficiaries of nuclear power

A concrete well in which a nuclear reactor will be assembled at a new power plant in northwestern Russia
Russia, Oct. 26, 2016: a reactor under construction at the LAES-2 Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (source: dpa)
  • Many developing countries are interested in getting nuclear energy because technology exporters are offering financing and other assistance
  • Active nuclear power plants, like renewable energy facilities, emit virtually zero CO2 when producing electricity
  • The so-called “operating” costs of nuclear power (including maintenance, fuel and operations) are cost competitive with other sources of electricity generation
  • When a nuclear power plant’s total, whole-life costs, from construction to decommissioning are considered, such project is rather expensive

The club of nuclear power producers consists of 30 countries, but this number could more than double if projects currently planned worldwide are implemented. According to World Nuclear Association data, more than 45 countries are actively considering new nuclear power programs. However, the list of potential industry newcomers includes many unlikely candidates.

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